About Us

What is Voices of the Community?

Voices of the Community is a student-led organization at Dos Pueblos High School that seeks to stand up for the underrepresented voices both in our community and in our society. We are a newly established organization, founded in May 2019, with the aim to help, be involved in, and give back to the community; whether it be raising money for a cause, organizing events, or volunteering our time. Our core belief is that every person of every background should be heard and considered; our team is devoted to celebrating each of those voices, starting in our own community.

What does "Her" stand for?

For us, this festival is made to celebrate the countless extraordinary women and girls in our community that don't always get the recognition they deserve. This is not just our festival: it belongs to all of them. Her Festival is empowerment, it is celebration, it is a day for Her.

History of Her Festival

Starting off as just an idea, Her Festival's presidents were inspired by the concept of a festival made for the empowerment of young women. They founded Voices of the Community and took on Her Festival as their first project. 


Our Team

Her Festival

Cami Chou


Her Festival

Geneva Walman-Randall


Her Festival

Mia Chou


Elizabeth Oroudjeva

Advertisement Head

Her Festival

Ella Molyneux

Social Media Head

Anna Roney

Design Head

Anjali Thakrar

Her Festival Visionary

We are so excited to announce our new project: Gifts of Gratitude! Launching September 2020, Gifts of Gratitude partners with local businesses to appreciate Santa Barbara's healthcare workers.